WEDNESDAY, November 17, 2021 — North American publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has announced via Twitter that they licensed one new manga namely Go for It Again, Nakamura!

Go for It Again, Nakamura! (Manga) by Syundei

Go for It Again, Nakamura! is a romantic comedy, yaoi manga published in Akane Shinsha's BL magazine, Opera, in 2017. This is a sequel to Go For It, Nakamura!, which was also licensed by the Seven Seas Entertainment in 2018.

The English version will be available in single volume edition priced at $13.99 beginning July 2022.

It was love-at-first-sight when Nakamura met his classmate, Hirose. The two became friends after the shy and awkward Nakamura finally worked up the nerve to speak to him, but being buddy-buddy with your crush is a whole new kind of torture! And as he watches some other guy cuddle up with Hirose like casual bros, Nakamura tries to keep his head from exploding. Why can’t that be him?! Enjoy the hilarious new misadventures of Nakamura desperately trying to keep it together and not scare Hirose off. Hang in there, Nakamura!

Go for It Again, Nakamura!

Source: Official Twitter