Reserve English Manga and Light Novels

Is your favorite book not in stock at Tankobonbon? Worry no more as we offer these alternatives!

Supplier On-hand

Order books that are on-hand from our supplier so your wait is much shorter

Open Backorders

Reserve in-demand no-stock books so you'll receive your copy once stocks are back

Open Pre-orders

Order unreleased books three months in advance so you'll just wait until its release date

Amazon/RightStuf On-hand

Whilst an expensive option, we can order what's in stock at Amazon.com or RightStuf.com

Quick Notes

Read more about the reservation process

This means that the item is on-hand at our supplier and is ready to be shipped to us, then to you. Feel free to order these at any payment method.

However, there could be a possibility that a book could be out of stock despite being marked as on-hand from our supplier. At these occassions, you'll be notified via email if you wish to replace it or cancel it.

While books arrive in the country in less than two weeks via air, it could be held longer by Customs due to additional requirements for formal book importation. Please keep in mind this possible delay before ordering.

Please feel free to request to open backorders/pre-orders if the request option is available. We encourage to chat us first if it's available from our supplier so your request can be immediately accommodated.

This means that the item has no stock at Tankobonbon or the supplier. However it is likely to be reprinted due to its popularity. We can line you up for its next printing without paying yet (if you choose Pay When Stocks are Confirmed) as a payment method, but once stocks are confirmed, you will be charged. Take note that waiting for stocks could vary which could take months.

Please keep in mind that while it is editable (cancelable, removeable, and replaceable) while waiting for stocks, it cannot be edited once stocks are confirmed.

This means that the item is not yet released but we can line you up so that stocks are secured for you once it's released. So we could line up early, pre-orders can be opened/closed without prior notice.

Please be forewarned that there is a tendency that despite ordering early, if it's in demand, we could not make it to the initial print run and will have to wait for second printing. If it's been a month since release and we haven't received stocks for it, we'll ask you via email if you wish to wait or edit (cancel/remove/replace) the item. Otherwise, if it's still within one month after release and there is no update from the item yet, you may reach out to us to edit the item in your order.

Kindly utilize our Release Calendar for ease in budgeting your pre-order expenses.

Take note that this is a more expensive option.

If a book is in-stock at Amazon.com, we can order it for you by filling out the Amazon Order Form. The amount you'll pay is calculated as:

the price of the item on Amazon.com's site + 37% international shipping fee + 3% proxy fee + local shipping fee converted into Amazon.com's US Dollars to PH Peso currency rate

We order from Amazon once the batch is full (batch name is AMAZ000) and if your item became out of stock while we order it for you, it will be refunded. Amazon shipments arrive 2-3 weeks after they process it.

Aside from Amazon.com, just add the books on the site to your cart. It will show up as:

In Stock at Supplier (before the add to cart button) — if the batch is open and it can be ordered from the supplier

Reserve button — if you see this instead of an "Add to Cart" button, it is open for backorders or pre-orders

Request to open backorders/pre-orders — if you see this instead of a button, please chat us to check for supplier availability, and if it's possible to open backorders/pre-orders, we'll open it so you can see a "Reserve" button

If you wish to order via Amazon, just fill out the Amazon Order Form (link opens in a new window).

It is always open unless it closes due to low stock expectation or if the book becomes out of print or unable to be purchased.

Amazon.com batches close every 10 books ordered and a new batch opens after it is ordered.

Shipments at Tankobonbon are triggered when:

all books in the order are ready to ship OR you requested to ship your acquired books

Otherwise, your orders are consolidated by default and will not be shipped while incomplete or you've put them on hold (if you're away from your shipping address).

All unshipped orders before September have no changes. These continue to be processing on our end and will be marked as "Acquired" once those backorders arrive. These backorders could arrive with the supplier on-hand batches or be in their separate shipments.

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