Site Update

July 28, 2021

With major restocks still being held for clearance—to avoid piling up orders and to ensure previous backorders are well attended, we will be temporarily closing backorders from hereon. On-hand items are still available for purchase on Shopee and the site. 

"The difficulty, time, and hefty costs of clearance events (and the dangers that the boxes may arrive damaged due to longevity—which was greatly apparent from the April Acquisitions that almost a quarter of books arrived unsellable) greatly discourage us from pursuing orders and continuing Tankobonbon in general. In the future, we might be fully closing backorders since prioritizing on-hand books will avoid our customers from waiting and we don't want you to wait for a long time either. The books arrive from overseas in less than a week but stall in Customs for more than two months and we don't like that system. We fully understand now why manga is very scarce in our country—because it's very challenging. Everyone's patience gives us strength and the current situation teaches us a lot. We may be not charting greatly profit-wise, which is fine with us and we don't want to increase prices for the sake of making ends meet and we're always happy for you to receive your books. If you wish to cancel orders (that are not part of the incoming stocks), please go ahead and request on our Support Form so it could be processed, but we will continue to pursue already placed backorders. Nevertheless, I believe we'll all be able to breathe smoothly once the restocks arrived. :)"


Site Update

July 14, 2021

Restock List

Orders Closed

Due to Incoming Stocks

  • Solanin

Due to Indefinite Out-of-print Status

  • Magi Vol. 2
  • Magi Vol. 8
  • Magi Vol. 10
  • Baby & Me Vol. 1
  • Baby & Me Vol. 3
  • Baby & Me Vol. 4
  • Baby & Me Vol. 5


    Site Update

    July 11, 2021

    Database Addition

    Cover Update


    Site Update

    July 10, 2021

    Site Improvement

    Restock List

    Database Addition

    Cover Update

    Site Update

    July 9, 2021

    Site Improvements

    • Added some collections to the front page
    • Added common publisher list to the front page
    • Added email campaign form at the bottom of the front page

    Database Addition

    Cover Update


    Site Update

    July 7, 2021

    UPDATE: June 24 and 30 Restocks

    Hello, everyone! This is Bon, head of Tankobonbon's operations. I hope you'll take your time to read this update.

    You might have received an email from me already, and if not yet, here's a comprehensive update.

    Remember June 24 restocks? This shipment has arrived to the PH by June 8. The travel time from the US to the PH is pretty short... but clearance takes a long time.

    After a two-week shipping delay, the Bureau of Customs has processed the boxes from June 24 and 30 shipments. Aside from the huge amount of shipments (of more than 2,000+ books, which was our largest to date hence it surprised a lot of people involved), this delay was caused by miscommunication between us, the brokers, and clearance agents on the required approvals on other more government agencies when the delivery date was pushed back from its expected date. We're importing lots and lots of books and it is not just any item we're importing, since books are something the laws hold valuable, so it require more work behind the scenes. The entire process was honestly a pretty eye-opening experience (and somewhat relieving that books are treated with this much care).

    This is a mistake on our part for being complacent that it would arrive on time and not announcing its late arrival ahead of time. The site added June 24's on-hands on the scheduled date despite not all the boxes arriving yet (and it was too late to take it down), hence there were very few deliveries (since the books are not with us yet). As the head of operations, on behalf of the entire Tankobonbon team behind the scenes, I would like to sincerely apologize for the wait. We've successfully shipped those that are with us and held those that have backorders arriving from these boxes. However, this has been cleared and we deeply apologize for making everyone wait.

    There is still no exact day as to when the June 24 and 30 boxes would arrive to Tankobonbon but it has overcame the tedious reprocessing, and we've finally and successfully finished our part so it shouldn't be long until it gets delivered. The date and time when June 30's on-hands to be up on the site will be announced here and on SNS once all the boxes arrived to avoid further mishaps. This process will return to manual inventory—whilst slowly but surely.

    The July restock dates remain to be their estimated dates and could arrive sooner or later. Additionally, the supposed April restocks (of around 1800+ books) just landed in the PH and will begin its clearance process. Since it's a pretty heavy shipment just like June 24's, to be sure, we'll update the restock list when we have the sure date of arrival. For now, just like you, we'll be waiting for their arrival. Future shipments should go smoothly from hereon since we now learned the ropes of the entire process, despite being a rocky road towards it.

    Upon their arrival, we've planned to expedite shipping and have additional hands to help with packing and cross-checking so that you'll receive it without any worries. We will also continue to pursue backorders and new orders just as usual but the backlogged shipments would be our main priority. Once the order is packed and booked, you will receive a tracking email (and SMS if you've enabled your order's SMS notifications) for it.

    If you wish to cancel orders and receive refunds, our Support Team is always watching the Support Form and lessened social presence to avoid inciting questions related to new orders (which we're minimizing at the moment so the unshipped orders won't pile up and the backlogs will be prioritized). Please direct all your inquiries on the Support Form to further escalate your concern than somewhere else (since I am personally out to expedite these paperwork, hence I cannot answer the inquiries directly).

    We truly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. Whilst we understand that this incident might falter your trust to the shop, we hope it won't budge your support towards official manga and light novels, even if you purchase it somewhere else after this. We truly appreciate your support until now!

    [PH] TL;DR - Wala pa pong exact date of arrival ang lahat ng June 24 at 30 restocks at ipaaalam rito sa site at sa SNS kapag dumating na.

    Site Improvements

    • Wishlist count is restyled
    • The CDJapan page is recoded to include a scrollbar for first timers

    Site Update

    July 5, 2021

    Site Improvements

    • Wishlist count is added (continuous optimization)
    • Footer parallax effect
    • Product description effect switched from tabs to accordion
    • "Series" renamed to "View more volumes of"
    • Related products and recently viewed count decreased from five to four
    • Stock text rewritten (for backorder/pre-order) on collection page
    • Product release date note appears when it's not yet released
    • Dropdown boxes restyled for clarity
    • Added a newsletter sign up at the bottom of pages
    • Typewriter effect removed when searching
    • "First/Only/Final Volume" label added on covers
    • Age restriction pop-up on mature titles

    Database Additions


      Site Update

      July 3, 2021

      Site Improvements

      • Mobile navigation optimized
      • Overall image optimization
      • Self-cancel button is added on the account page


      Site Update

      July 1, 2021

      Site Improvements

      • Bundles are added on selected books
      • Typing directly on the Messenger Site Bot is disabled to direct all inquiries to the support form.


      Site Update

      June 30, 2021

      No restocks this week.

      We are minimizing shipments and order processing this week due to unforeseen clearance delays (most boxes are not yet processed until now), but we've coordinated well with Bureau of Customs and are just waiting for paperworks to be processed so it could arrive safe and sound to us and we can begin packing and delivery to you. We expect it to arrive this week, but the coast remains unclear and we cannot provide exact arrival day for the entire June 24 and June 30 stocks.

      Nevertheless, those that are with us are already in shipping process. Feel free to adjust orders, request for cancellations, etc. through our Support Form so it could be processed.


      Site Update

      June 27, 2021

      Site Improvements

      Database Updates

      • Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man's cover images are updated
      • My Androgynous Boyfriend's cover images are updated
      • Kaiten Books (Publisher) added to filters

      Database Additions


      Site Update

      June 24, 2021


      We don't have a 6+1 next month BUT starting July 1 we're introducing BUNDLES (since we have a lot of on-hands now)! You'll see these around the site may it be for on-hand/backorder books once you click on selected volumes. Some offer free shipping on bundles, while others are discounts.
      • Bundles are found below the product description and above "Related Products" on a product page.
      • Discounts are applied on checkout, not on your cart.
      • Discounts vary from 7-20% or free shipping.
      • Bundles will frequently change without prior notice; it could be discounted today or free shipping tomorrow; it could also be gone in a few days without notice.
      • Some bundles will be shared on social media, while others will not be; it's a gem for those who are going around Tankobonbon's site .
      • Bundles' stocks depend on individual stocks; if it's an on-hand bundle and one of the items sells out, the bundle will be gone.
      • You may not cancel a part of the bundle after ordering, else the entire bundle is canceled.
      • Bundles range from 2-6 books

      Notice on Shipping Change

      Beginning July 15, orders placed from that day onwards exceeding P1,500 in total are eligible for Free Shipping. This is automatic upon checkout with no codes asked. This is valid for courier shipping only and not for same-day pick-up.

      Same-day shipping will also become available for on-hand orders (NOT for backorders or backorder restocks) bound to Metro Manila / Cavite. Take note that we are based in Dasmarinas, Cavite and YOU will be booking it for pick-up.

      Notice on additional Bonbon Reward

      Beginning August 1, 12,000 converted Bonbons could be a free A-coded book! More details will be announced when the date is closer. Additionally, posting reviews could reward you Bonbons!


      Site Update

      June 23, 2021

      New Backorder Method

      After a long time of brain-racking and getting a bunch of feedback and public opinions, Tankobonbon has decided to OPEN A NEW PAYMENT METHOD "Pay when stocks are confirmed" which is effective for orders placed on June 23, 2021, 9:30pm onwards. (Past orders can't choose this.)

      See this post for the entire backorder process

      What is this method?

      This is for those who are very interested in securing their favorite manga but would like to pay when stocks are confirmed (so they have the peace of mind that their money is not floating). The system will mark the order's Stock Status (found on your Account page) as "PBSC x" when this payment method is chosen and will just be "PBSC" when we've manually checked that this is a valid method.

      Who can use this?

      • ⚠ You must have at least one (1) order successfully delivered to you (from the site/Tankobonbon's Shopee/CDJapan form) before choosing this method for our risk assurance, please understand.
      • ⚠ This payment method is for backorders only (does not include any on-hand).
      • ⚠ Your order does not have a free shipping coupon (discount coupons are okay).
      • For those who are very patient to wait for stocks. (We advise you to utilize your Wishlist if you want to be notified when there are on-hand stocks instead rather than placing an order then canceling it.)

      What if I chose this method but I didn't follow the rules above?

      You will be emailed by our Support Team to change your payment method other than this and cash-on-delivery.

      What does it mean when "stocks are confirmed"?

      This means that the order is part of an Incoming Stocks List that we post monthly. Your backorder is part of it and not an on-hand extra.

      Once stocks are confirmed that Tankobonbon acquired it, an invoice will be sent to you for you to pay within 3 business days using PayPal, GCash, PayMaya, Palawan, Bank Transfer, 7/11, etc.; not cash-on-delivery). Failure to do so will result in strikes that could lead to account suspension.

      Can I cancel it?

      To reduce the risk of cancellation (cause we pay cancellation fees despite refunding orders in full), as per our Cancellation Policy, you may cancel orders until after 10 days of submitting it, after that, you may not cancel it but from 11-59 days, you may still replace it with something else instead. After 60 days orders cannot be edited nor canceled.

      So, if you're backordering something and chose this payment method then it's been 20 days since you ordered it, and you found a copy of it somewhere, you may not cancel it (cause we already backordered it for you), but you can replace it with something else instead.

      When can I expect it to arrive?

      Depends on the schedule written on the Incoming Stocks List. We order your backorders after 10 days so that you're sure with it and it cannot be canceled anymore.

      What if I backordered 5 books using this method and 1 of them is arriving?

      You'll only be charged for that one that is arriving. You will also be asked if you wish to have it shipped early (so you'll pay for the arrived book + shipping fee) or wait for the rest so you can pay for shipping later on (just pay for the arrived book and the shipping fee will be paid when the order is complete).

      (If bet mo mauna na iship yung una, babayaran mo na agad ang shipping fee ng isang librong 'yun, kung wag muna, mamaya na rin yung shipping fee). -Bon

      Can I combine it with my other orders?

      Combined shipping is decided by our Dispatch Team. If it can be combined, then the excess shipping fees will be refunded.

      What's the drawback from this?

      A surprise email charging you an amount once stocks are confirmed. Restock announcements come without warning after all. You should have it ready within 3 days of receiving the invoice.

      What's the difference from buying from on-hand extras?

      For this one, since it's a backorder, you still have to wait.

      What's the difference if I paid my backorders right away using GCash/PayPal/etc. and not this?

      No hassle. Once it arrives, it will be shipped to you right away, no ifs, no buts, no bugs, no emails charging you. You're the main priority.


      Site Update

      June 22, 2021

      We're getting big! Our warehouse is now pretty spacious to hold lots of books. It even looks like a library! Thanks to this, we have more room to store your favorite manga. So far, there are 200+ available on-hand series waiting for their homes. We still don't have a physical store due to the pandemic (have you vaccinated yet?) and we much rather invest the rent into buying more books for now.

      As for socials, Facebook and Instagram posts were toned down previously to control inquiry count (there's a lot out that spring out from here and there!) but it will finally resume sharing the world what's new with TKBB as we launch the Support Form and Database Addition Form. Our new staff members finished training and ready to hold to forts! (Bon's not alone in doing a bunch of stuff anymore!)


      • A new support form will replace the site bot on the lower right of the site on June 26 as a direct contact to the support team
      • remains to be usable and will be handled by the support team
      • Form for database addition opens June 26
      • To email the support team:

      Intro to Staff

      • Chon, Social and Support; In-charge of returns, refunds, payments, as well as the shop's Twitter page
      • Tako, Social and Support; In-charge of support form requests and inquiries, as well as the shop's Facebook and Instagram pages
      • Nano, Social and Support; In-charge of support form requests and inquiries, as well as the shop's TikTok page
      • Ichan, Dispatch and Database; In-charge of booking, transfer, order management, and freebies, as well as the database addition form

      Thanks so much for being patient and bearing with our pretty slow turnaround on inquiries as careful trainings are needed to be held slowly but surely to ensure better customer service in the future. Whilst we are still unable to have a live chat function, expect to receive a response on inquiries at a shorter rate as soon as the forms go live.

      Of course, despite having a team dedicated to inquiries, it's best to still keep inquiries at a lower count and we advise everyone to please read the FAQs before inquiring, and for the database to please check their queue first (which will be linked on the form).


      Database Additions

      June 21, 2021

      The following books are semi-encoded (synopsis, tags, categories, genres, release dates, etc. are not yet filled out). This list is added from oldest (top) to newest (bottom).





      Database Additions

      June 18, 2021

      The following books are semi-encoded (synopsis, tags, categories, genres, release dates, etc. are not yet filled out). This list is added from oldest (top) to newest (bottom).




      Database Additions

      June 17, 2021

      The following books are semi-encoded (synopsis, tags, categories, genres, release dates, etc. are not yet filled out). This list is added from oldest (top) to newest (bottom).



      Database Additions

      June 13, 2021

      The following books are semi-encoded (synopsis, tags, categories, genres, release dates, etc. are not yet filled out).





      Added within the day (they may show up now or later)

      • Kiruru Kill Me (Manga) Vol. 1
      • Creepy Cat (Manga) Vol. 1
      • Hitomi-Chan Is Shy with Strangers (Manga) Vol. 1
      • The Walking Cat: A Cat's-Eye-View of the Zombie Apocalypse (Manga) Vol. 1-3 Omnibus
      • Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games (Manga) Vol. 1
      • Monster Guild: The Dark Lord's (No-Good) Comeback! (Manga) Vol. 1
      • Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling (Manga) Vol. 1


      Site Update

      June 8, 2021

      New pages:

      Minor updates:

      • Newly added covers with no English covers yet have a new look (so the art isn't covered too much)
      • Image optimization to speed up loading
      • Trending keywords on the home page

      The following site features are disabled/halted to prioritize other windows of development:

      • Addition of titles
      • Mystery boxes
      • Bundle discounts
      • E-books

      Current priorities:

      • Fully encoding and correcting titles that are already in the site resulting in
        • Search and filter efficacy
        • Database accuracy
      • Filling in current backorders
      • Email inquiries
      • DragonPay integration
      • Restock level re-implementation this July (see notice below)


      Publisher Shipment Update

      Effective July 1 onwards.

      After further talks, Tankobonbon will be having quicker, more updated restocks with the following publishers:

      • Dark Horse Comics
      • Denpa
      • J-Novel Club
      • Kodansha USA/Vertical
      • Seven Seas Entertainment (for new books releasing from July onwards)
      • Square Enix

      This means that backorders for their books that are already in-stock from them will arrive in a 2-3 week span. Backorders are more prioritized than filling the holes of non-backordered titles. The previous feature "Restock Level" is also going to be updated as much as possible for books under these publishers. As for other publishers, further talks are still being done to speed up the process and availability is still scarce and vague.


      Inquiries Update

        Effective May 31st onwards.

        We are receiving a high volume of inquiries day by day and mainly with repetitive ones, hence we're imposing stricter policies to be able to prioritize what's important. We intend to focus on having manageable orders rather than abundance. Our shop principle is not about sales.

        • Inquiries already answered on the FAQ will not be entertained. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be forewarned.
        • Starting June 1, COD on-hand orders will only be shipped via GoGo Xpress since J&T has a 3% COD fee. In case you're wondering, we shouldered it this May. If you're fine to shoulder their COD fee, you may select J&T as a COD courier, otherwise GoGo Xpress has no COD fee.
        • Free shipping ends on May 31. Free shipping could only be obtained via points after this date.
        • The Dispatch Team's shipping schedule is posted on the site's front page on one of the slideshows for your reference.
        • June 6+1 sale is from June 1-4 only. No more monthly 6+1 sales after June.
        • Box set sale is on June 10. Other than those, no sales or events are scheduled for the rest of June.
        • For orders made before June 1, please chat the bot and select "Cancel Order" if you wish to cancel it.
        • Cancellations aren't possible for orders made on and after June 1 once it passes the 10-day self cancellation mark, regardless of reason. Due to the slow reprint rate, kindly gauge if you are willing to wait for your backorder for months.
        • To ship acquired books early, please chat the bot and select "Ship Order Early" to notify our Dispatch Team. You will know if the book is acquired by checking your account page -> order ID -> and it says "Acquired."
        • To replace/remove a book/change order notes, please chat the bot and select "Modify Order" to notify us.
        • We are closed on all weekends of June.

        We are behind on queries sent since May 19 as there were back-to-back restocks that occurred last week. We're currently clearing it and you should hear from us soon. Queries should be sent via chatbot for coherence and your patience is greatly appreciated.
        Head of Support

        Our efforts on trying to speed up shipping triggers order mishaps such as double-booking and wrong books being sent. To avoid this, we're strictly implementing our shipping schedule as we were very lenient on this before. Thank you for your understanding.

        Head of Dispatch