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Suzume (Light Novel)


Suzume Iwato lives with her aunt in a quiet port town in Kyushu, Japan. One day, she runs into a young man looking for a door. Follow Suzume’s journey in...

The Reformation of the World as Overseen by a Realist Demon King (Manga) Vol. 1


The Demon King Astaroth has been reincarnated with a mission to unite the world. Wielding unheard-of resourcefulness and tactics, he’ll reshape the fate of all who live under his reign!

Saint? Nope, Just a Monster Tamer Passing Through (Manga) Vol. 1


Kanata is a girl so gifted with magic that people swear up and down she’s the second coming of a saint. But when it comes time for her to choose...

My Mate Is a Feline Gentleman (Manga) Vol. 1


When Toushirou becomes a servant for diplomat Alex, he expects he will again be treated as a sex object. But to his surprise, Alex is appalled by the treatment of...

Imitation (Manhwa) Vol. 1


As a member of idol group Tea Party, Ma-Ha dreams of becoming a big star. Little did she know that she’d go viral so soon…by embarrassing herself on a popular...

Secrets of the Silent Witch (Manga) Vol. 1


Monica Everett is the Silent Witch, the only mage in the world who can use unchanted magecraft. But she’s also the shyest girl you’ll ever meet! And now she’s been...

Looks Are All You Need (Light Novel) Vol. 1


My sister, Shika Ikebukuro, is a shut-in who can’t do anything without her older brother. But I know a secret. Though you’d never guess it, behind her mask, the internet...

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Fantastic Days (Light Novel)


Follow Kazuma and crew as they help aspiring dancers, fight a former general of the Demon King, and more in adventures based on the Fantastic Days game, along with new,...

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Official Anthology Comic (Manga)


The Devil King and his friends look at a wedding venue, buy swimsuits, and…get washed up on an island?! This collection of original stories comprises events which may or may...

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World: Secret File (Light Novel)


The first volume short stories set in the Our Last Crusade universe! Highlights include a story about Nene, Mismis, and Risya having a sleepover, plus the tale of Iska and...

Gurren Lagann Archives (Artbook)


Bust through the heavens with your soul, Gurren Lagann! Featuring buxom babes, brutal beastmen, and mountainous mecha as only GAINAX can deliver, Gurren Lagann is a non-stop roller coaster of...

Record of Lodoss War: The Crown of the Covenant (Manga) Vol. 3


A new era of adventure has begun in the fabled world of RECORD OF LODOSS WAR!In the Kingdom of Kanon, Lyle has made his presence known as the new “Knight...

Record of Lodoss War: The Crown of the Covenant (Manga) Vol. 2


A new era of adventure has begun in the fabled world of RECORD OF LODOSS WAR!Warfare has returned, as King Diaz of Flaim launches an invasion across the isle of...

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