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What's so special about Tankobonbon?

In the brink of all digital age, what keeps Tankobonbon going? Or even... starting? The answer is simple: books are precious products of many people's hardwork from illustration, translation, to design. In light of the recent revised copyright law of Japan, we strongly encourage manga fans to support manga legally by buying physical books or digital manga subscriptions.

But, what can this site offer? Well, lots!

Philippine-based online bookstore

Buying manga and light novel in the Philippines is tedious as the mainstream bookstores don't offer much manga. Instead of ordering manga overseas and stress over customs and shipping, all of that is taken care of here and just pay the book as priced with local shipping and voila! Enjoy your new read~ Tankobonbon is currently fully online and has no physical store to accommodate readers everywhere in the Philippines.

Vast manga and light novel catalog

 There are a lot of bookstores in the Philippines, but not with a large catalog specifically for manga and light novel, especially for the underappreciated books! Lose yourself in a labyrinth of series in Tankobonbon's extensive catalog.

Straight from the printer's warehouse

 Our books are not bought from another retailer or bookstore but came directly from the publisher's distributors. That means that the price you pay for a new, unread volume is cheaper and can match in-store bookstore price.

Diverse Searching

The site's search bar supports looking up based on all sorts of entries. From the book's official English title, romanized title, Japanese title, author, translator, letterer, ISBN-13, English publisher, book rating, book list price in US dollars, imprint, to genre. You may also filter it whether it is a manga or a light novel. I got your back!

Comprehensive Series Information

 Everything you need to know about the manga is listed on the product page from its page count, size, genre, and even if it has an anime adaptation! It also links you to their respective MangaUpdates, MyAnimeList, and AniList database page. Talk about detail!

Book Staff Acknowledgment

Staff members of the book (author, publisher, translator, letterer, proofreader, designer, and more) are included in the information posted, plus it links to their social media page or website! If you liked what you read, you may thank them directly for their hard work!

Reading Order Suggestion

Manga and light novels are very easy to read since the story progress from volume one to two then to three and so on. However, some titles have an entire prequel series or a sequel book that you might also be interested in! Those details are also in the product page as well as if it has a manga or light novel counterpart.

No-Waste Sales

Rarely, the books directly received still have issues. If you are not very particular with minor issues of a book (spine shrinking due to printer error, yellowing if published a long time ago, etc.) these are sold, with a label that it is "damaged," for a lower price.

Bundle Discounts

 If you plan to order more than two books of one series or franchise, there are bundle deals that can cut costs! For example, buying the first three volumes of a featured manga can save you than buying individually.

Promotional Offers Everywhere

Aside from bundles, being a Tankobook Club member gives you perks of having order discounts and even free (100%) shipping just by accumulating points. Not just that, but newsletters, site events, and feedback tagging (see below) can also provide you discounts!

All-Around Payment System

 Paying in full is highly encouraged and customers can pay through a wide variety of payment channels such as online and offline bank transfer, credit card, 7/11 (CLIQQ), PayPal, GCash, and PayMaya. For cash on delivery transactions, you may only choose GoGo Express as shipping courier, otherwise, try shopping on our Shopee page (only has on-hand books).

Paying in two- or three-part installment is also possible (through GCash/PayMaya/online bank transfer/PayPal) but requires an order paid in full and delivered successfully first.

Shopee Store

 Shopee is a popular e-commerce site in the Philippines and acquiring coins and voucher is popular among buyers. For you to take advantage of that, all of on-hand books are posted there. If you're planning to pay through cash on delivery and your location permits, you may transact there.

Clean Books

 To preserve how fresh a manga gets from the publisher to you, books are not touched by bare hands once it reaches to us. Gloves are worn throughout processing and packaging of your books! No fingerprints!

Eco-friendly Packaging

 No no, books are not packaged just with bubble wrap then mailer bag. Instead, all orders are handled with care. Wrapped in a kraft paper, tied with a jute string, cushioned with shredded recycled paper, and boxed with a handmade envelope or single-walled corrugated sheet, then taped with a water-adhesive tape. It's all layers after layers of paper alternatives! This also mean that books are not shrink-wrapped unless we receive from the publisher that it is (usually Mature titles).

Freebies Included

 Your orders won't be just books, but will include either a compostable bookmark, a hand-drawn fan art from our local artists, or a thin sheet of sticker or sticky note! However, if you already have a lot of these, you may opt out by letting us know in the order instructions, otherwise, it is given by default.

Next Business Day Shipping for On-Hand Orders

 Since Tankobonbon is just a small business, no need to wait for long to get your books shipped! All on-hand orders will be shipped the next business day (all days excluding Sunday), meaning if you ordered by Wednesday, it will be shipped on Thursday or if on Saturday, it will be shipped on Monday. However, should couriers be closed or unable to ship by that day, you will be updated and will try shipping the order again the following day.

Freight Update for Backlist and Pre-Orders

 For transparency, an update is immediately posted for the tracking status of books ordered overseas such as backlisted and pre-orders. If it is dispatched, got stuck in customs, and all that info will be shown for your ease.

Received it? Tag us and save for next time!

 Customer satisfaction is of high priority along with safety. If you received the item successfully and satisfactorily, just publicly post it on your social media account may it be a story or post (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and tag @tankobonbon! A random feedback post is given a discount code of ₱10 for your next backlist order.
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