10 Dance

 6 volumes (Ongoing)   10ダンス Dance/Ten Dance (10ダンス) by Inouesatoh 

Dip into your new obsession in this steamy gay ballroom romance! The beautifully detailed, lithe bodies of the two "kings of the ballroom" fly across the dance floor as rivals build a volatile bond in this red-hot romance!

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10 Dance (Manga) Vol. 1


Shinya Sugiki, the dashing lord of Standard Ballroom, and Shinya Suzuki, passionate king of Latin Dance: The two share more than just a first name and a love of the...

10 Dance (Manga) Vol. 2


While Shinya Sugiki's learning to move to the sensual beats of Latin Ballroom, Shinya Suzuki's finding it tough to master the waltz, especially without the help of music. Suzuki can't...

10 Dance (Manga) Vol. 3


As if learning the moves wasn't hard enough, Sugiki needs to master a crucial element if he's to succeed in Latin Ballroom: sex appeal. Suzuki takes a personal approach in...

10 Dance (Manga) Vol. 4


Suzuki is so conflicted by his feelings for Sugiki that it's affecting his Latin dancing. But when Sugiki tries to teach him how to connect better with his female partner,...

10 Dance (Manga) Vol. 5


The brilliant Latin dancer Suzuki has finally set aside his pride in order to seriously dedicate himself to competition--but how far will that carry him when his opponents are the...

10 Dance (Manga) Vol. 6


“I Love You.”Those were the words Suzuki uttered softly to Sugiki before the two parted ways. Although the two men have since reunited and restarted their dance lessons, it’s clear...

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