Ajin: Demi-Human

 16 volumes (Ongoing)   Ajin (亜人) by Gamon Sakurai 

One of the top-selling manga in Japan today, having sold more than 600,000 since March 2013, Demi-Human combines super-natural themes with sci-fi action for a very modern tale that should compete with the most popular current manga and comic titles.

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Ajin (Manga) Vol. 1


High school student Kei Nagai is struck dead in a grizzly traffic accident but immediately revives to learn that he may not be like every other human. Instead, he may...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 2


A bright high schooler has discovered to his horror that death is just a repeatable event for him - and that humanity has no mercy for a demi-human. To avoid...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 3


The true aim of the raid on the research center is revealed by demi-human mastermind Sato, whose Bolshevik ruthlessness and cunning prove worthy of his choice of headgear.  Series Information...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 4


Encouraged by a fellow demi-human's stunt, many more who have been keeping a low profile come out the woodworks. Their morals vary - and a high schooler Kei Nagai is...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 5


It's an all-out war. After demi-humans mobilize to overthrow the government of Japan -terror, and immortality their prime tactics- young cynic Kei must decide if he's on anyone's side other...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 6


Learn how the female demi-human "Izumi" can on stage, how a trustworthy friend who left it spent his days, and more.  Series Information Learn more about the series. Hover the...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 7


In this action-packed installment, readers are treated to a bit of demi-human ringleader Sato's backstory before being plunged into a breath-taking battle of guns and wits between government forces and...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 8


There's a snag: Sato isn't biting. The terrorist mastermind's reason for abstaining from violence is almost as psychopathic as his earlier sprees. Luckily, coldblooded hero Kei knows what makes his...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 9


Sato's bitten. Samuel T. Owen is in the building. The Battle of Forge Safety, which began when demi-humans who aim to upend Japanese society waltzed into an ambush set by those...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 10


Meet a well-adjusted expatriate who was the first Japanese demi-human to be discovered; elite bureaucrat Tosaki's ailing love interest, his moral anchor and hazard; and Ritsu Nagai, our calculating hero's...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 11


Under duress, the Ministry of Welfare, which has been abusing demi-humans, is ready to negotiate with them. Yet Sato can't resist giving the screw another turn. Series Information Learn more about...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 12


For his ultimate "wave" Sato has taken on Iruma Base, the hardest of hard targets, while the Prime Minister is onsite. The unexpected grit of Japanís Self-Defense Forces delights him...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 13


How might one silence a nationís command structure in just two hours? By being devious and undying, for starters-and taking over Japan is exactly what Sato threatens for his "final...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 14


How do you neutralize, for good, a master tactician who literally won't die? His opposite number in cold calculating genius, our boy anti-hero, thinks he has a plan. It involves...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 15


Did the forces of government win the day and lay to rest the undying anarchist? The game plan, as ingenious as it was ad hoc, seemed workable, and to have...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 16


The shooting of Kaito has triggered a Flood in the normally emotionless Nagai, releasing a massive number of IBMs. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Sato has matched...

Ajin (Manga) Vol. 17


The final confrontation is here. But even if Kei Nagai can catch up to the fleeing Sato…can he stop him?! And if he succeeds in defeating Sato, will there be...

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