11 Volumes (Ongoing)   Bakemonogatari (化物語) Written by NISIOISIN and Illustrated by Oh! great 

From the best selling novel series by renowned author NISIOISIN, comes the manga adaptation of the Monogatari Series! Artwork by Oh! great.

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 01


One day, high-school student Koyomi Araragi catches a girl named Hitagi Senjougahara when she trips. But -- much to his surprise -- she doesn't weigh anything. At all. She says...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 03


Mayoi Hachikuji: A grade schooler who meets Koyomi Araragi and a “Lost Snail” who can never arrive at her destination. “I’ll bring her to her mother’s safe and sound—that is my...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 04


“I love you.” “I smelt for you, Senjogahara.”Koyomi accepts Hitagi’s feelings and solves Mayoi Hachikuji’s dilemma.Everything starts to look up...until a mysterious raincoat busts him up out of nowhere...! Series...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 05


Suruga Kanbaru, the biggest celebrity in school, lives in a completely different world from Koyomi Araragi, but their worlds collide when Koyomi finds that this campus star has been stalking him...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 02


“I’m just going to show her around.” The one Koyomi Araragi caught was Hitagi Senjogahara—the “girl whose weight was stolen.” The girl must save herself. She’s got to try not to...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 06


“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you…” The “truth” behind Suruga Kanbaru’s curse has been laid bare, and Koyomi Araragi finds himself confronted by his...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 07


Mutilated snakes and a tree riddled with vile insults.This is the gruesome scene that Koyomi Araragi and Suruga Kanbaru witnessed while visiting a shrine deep in the mountains. Behind this...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 08


Koyomi Araragi is hit with a sudden realization—there were two snakes wrapped around Nadeko Sengoku’s body.The ceremony is incomplete, and Nadeko’s life hangs in the balance, but can Koyomi take...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 09


The tale of wounds continues as Koyomi awakens to find himself with vampiric abilities and in the company of a hot-blooded yet cold-blooded little girl. If he ever hopes to...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 10


To become human again, Koyomi must face three vampire hunters and return Kiss-Shot’s stolen limbs. His first opponent is Dramaturgy, the massive vampiric vampire hunter. But when Koyomi arrives for...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 11


Having defeated Dramaturgy, Koyomi must now face the half-vampire vampire-hunter, Episode. This newest opponent is no match for Koyomi's full vampiric abilities, but what Episode lacks in power he makes...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 12


Koyomi confronts his final foe, Guillotine Cutter. It’s former-human-turned-vampire vs. the human vampire-hunter cult leader. But Koyomi hears that Hanekawa is being held hostage, and to save her, he’ll have...

Bakemonogatari (Light Novel) Vol. 01


There’s a girl at their school who is always ill. She routinely arrives late, leaves early, or doesn’t show up at all, and skips gym as a matter of course....

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 13


With Kiss-Shot restored to her former vampiric glory, all that remains is for Koyomi to become human again. But a disturbing sight brings Koyomi face-to-face with what it really means...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 14


The curtain closes on Koyomi Vamp as the battle between thrall and master begins. Koyomi must put an end to Kiss-Shot, but all is not as it seems to be....

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 15


After learning the truth behind Kiss-Shot’s actions, Koyomi is left with a hard decision to make. Now, he has to weigh the fate of humanity against the sacrifice of his...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 16


The “Afflicting Cat” pounces back and leaves a trail of pain and injury in its wake. Koyomi must now save Hanekawa from the claws of this prurient aberration, but putting...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 17


After looking back on the events of Golden Week, Koyomi scrambles to save Hanekawa from the “Afflicting Cat” once again. This time, Black Hanekawa’s power threatens to grow to regal...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 18


With little time to spare, Koyomi is on a mission to save Hanekawa from the Afflicting Cat’s grip and find Shinobu. This time, he’ll take all the help he can...

Bakemonogatari (Manga) Vol. 19


Koyomi finds himself in the purrilous grips of the "Afflicting Cat," all while reeling from Hanekawa's shocking confession. And just as the world around him darkens, a familiar face emerges...

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