Big Order

Big Order (Manga) Vol. 1


When Eiji Hoshimiya was asked his heart's desire, the young boy could never have predicted the catastrophic consequences. Ten years after the "Great Destruction," the world has been reshaped with...

Big Order (Manga) Vol. 2


Sena's awake! Upon hearing the news, Eiji rushes back to Dazaifu, only to hear Hiiragi reveal to Sena that she's got six months left to live! Eiji is livid, but...

Big Order (Manga) Vol. 3


With the help of his father, Gennai, Eiji finally solves the mystery behind the Great Destruction, regaining his memories of the wish he made ten years ago and discovering his...

Big Order (Manga) Vol. 4


The truth behind Gennai and the Great Destruction is revealed! Will Eiji be able to stop his father's plans and save Sena, or will there be a second Great Destruction?...

Big Order (Manga) Vol. 5


Sena has summoned "God," and it's slowly breaking through the gate to the human realm! With the entire world on the brink of collapse, Eiji finally swears to kill his...

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