BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 01


By all counts, Ryouta Sakamoto is a loser when he's not holed up in his room, bombing things into oblivion in his favorite online action RPG. But his very own...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 02


On a mysterious deserted island, Ryouta Sakamoto, who has been thrust against his will into a vicious game of survival, manages to defeat his first enemy player. While struggling with...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 03


After Ryouta Sakamoto is deposited on an island and forced to kill others with unique bombs called BIMs in order to stay alive as a player in live-action "BTOOOM!", he...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 04


What happens when you cross the ultimate line?!Men and women, old and young, have been forced onto an island in the middle of nowhere and into a murderous game using...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 05


Unwilling to play by the rules of the twisted minds behind the live-action version of "BTOOOM!", Ryouta Sakamoto, with his comrades Himiko and Kiyoshi Taira, vows to find a way...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 06


Thus far, Ryouta Sakamoto and Himiko have narrowly managed to stay alive on the cruel island battlefield of the survival game "BTOOOM!" with the aid of their BIMs and each...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 07


How will Sakamoto confront the demon doctor?!In "BTOOOM!", a twisted live-action game of survival underway on a mysterious deserted island, actual people must use bombs to murder their opponents in...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 08


The demonic death game finally reaches a climax!!Sakamoto and Himiko have thus far succeeded in hanging on to their lives on the mysterious island battlefield, using their BIMs to compete...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 09


One wrong move, and it's all over!!The death game "BTOOOM!" charges headlong into the final phase!! Ryouta survives a fierce battle against his sworn ally, Kiyoshi Taira, but the scars...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 10


A genius player hardens his resolve!!"BTOOOM!"--the death game that forces real people to kill each other with explosives--charges into its final stage! Ryouta unexpectedly runs into his former senpai Tsuneaki...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 11


A forbidden partnership forms?!"BTOOOM!" and its trademark bombs have decimated both the island playing field and players alike, but is the final stage of this live death-game now in sight?!...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 12


A price too great...On an island where people are forced to fight each other to the death using explosives, Ryouta places his bets on escape via a hijacked helicopter. But...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 13


In a hell called the Sanctuary...When his plan to escape the island ends in failure, Ryouta drags his battered body ashore, only to be approached by a mysterious girl who...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 14


The Sanctuary arc comes to an end!!While lying unconscious on a beach, Ryouta is approached by a mysterious little girl, Kaguya, who later leads him to the Sanctuary, where seven...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 15


The curtain closes on the death match in the Sanctuary, and the climax approaches! Outside the game, Ryouta's stepfather joins forces with a hacking wizard, and they concoct a plan...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 16


The equilibrium on the island has been greatly thrown off by Takanohashi's sudden announcement. There's only one day to go before the game is up, and only three people left...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 17


Limiter's Off!Soga's death crushes Ryouta and frees him from what was subconsciously holding him back. With kindness and humanity left by the wayside, he zeros in on what it will...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 18


A new menace attacks the players...Sacrificing his humanity for a better chance at victory, Oda moves forward, leaving Okita and the past behind. As the stage once again returns to...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 19


The surviving players continue to struggle against one another in a desperate attempt to survive in the latest installment of BTOOOM! Series Information Learn more about the series. Hover the...

BTOOOM! (Manga) Vol. 20


A hero's last stand...?Years ago, Tougou lost the entire team under his command in the line of duty. Carrying the weight of their souls on his back, he has tried...

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