Devils' Line

 14 Volumes (Complete)   Devil's Line by Ryo Hanada  

A modern dark fantasy tale set in a world full of vampires and vampire hunters full of romance, hope, and action that pops off the page through the wonderful art of a debut artist. 

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 1


Tsukasa, a college student, is rescued from an attack by a devil, one of many vampires that can blend in among the human population. Anzai, her savior, is a half-devil...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 2


Anzai, suffering badly after a run-in with a sniper, is rescued at the last minute by a mysterious blond devil who gives him enough human blood to heal his wounds. Embarrassed...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 3


Anzai grapples with Lee's bombshell—that drinking human blood can have regenerative, strengthening powers on devil bodies—and Lee offers to share what he knows if Anzai's comrades hide him away. Meanwhile,...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 4


Tsukasa insists on seeing that Oryo is cared for at a hospital, defying Anzai's wish that she stay hidden at their safe house. Before she can even make it inside the...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 5


Dr. Kano sets up a "chance meeting" between the unsuspecting Anzai and his mother. Lee visits a blood donor as we catch a glimpse into his past at ONLO. Anzai's breach...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 6


Ishimaru tries to bring in Zero Seven and Nine to get inside info on the CCC. In exchange for her cooperation, Zero Seven asks for information on the devil that...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 7


Ishimaru, still shrouded in suspicion, leads F Squad on a raid of the CCC's hideout to get ahold of the list of members, but the CCC turns out to be...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 8


Anzai wakes up to find himself on the devil treatment floor of a hospital. While Anzai was unconscious, he dreamt of his childhood at ONLO and may have recalled a...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 9


Anzai, thanks to his reawakened memories from his childhood, is called into the MPD to give a statement on Kikuhara. After the dissolution of F Squad, Jill struggles with a...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 10


Anzai travels to Obihiro to learn the circumstances surrounding his birth as part of the Hybrid Plan, and the reason why Midori chose Tamaki for a partner. Tsukasa is also...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 11


Anzai and Tsukasa both venture to ONL at the same time just as the order for them to stay separated is lifted. Spurred on by Midori’s encouragement, they take advantage...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 12


The GPS bullet lodged in Lee's leg was removed by the capable hands of Queen, a central figure in the old CCC. But as payment for the surgery, Lee will...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 13


Kikuhara comes to terms with the trauma of his past. Anzai, confronting Kikuhara, is forced to make a decision. Queen's plot comes into full view as a high-ranking government official...

Devils' Line (Manga) Vol. 14


"When I saw her again after we broke up, I was relieved.I felt like I’d come home to the place where I belong…"After the dramatic showdown between the devil advocates...

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