Gal Gohan

Gal Gohan (Manga) Vol. 1


TAKE ONE TEACHER, ADD ONE GAL, BLEND THOROUGHLY…Hoping to have a more meaningful connection with his students, newbie Home Ec Teacher Yabe Shinji sets up a cooking club. But the...

Gal Gohan (Manga) Vol. 2


TURNING UP THE HEATIt’s been three months since Yabe Shinji started up his cooking club in hopes of forming a stronger connection with his students, and Okazaki Miku, the school’s...

Gal Gohan (Manga) Vol. 3


THE (MAIN) COURSE OF TRUE LOVE NEVER DID RUN SMOOTH.Just when Miku and Yabecchi are finally getting the hang of their Cooking Club, an unexpected ingredient gets thrown in the...

Gal Gohan (Manga) Vol. 4


HAUNTED BY A HALLOWEEN KISSThe school’s number one Gal, Okazaki Miku, is in love with her Home Ec teacher Yabe Shinji! After Okazaki kisses him on the cheek while handing...

Gal Gohan (Manga) Vol. 5


FORBIDDEN FRUITOkazaki Miku’s strategy gets more aggressive as rivals for Home Ec teacher Yabe Shinji’s affections pile on, until she and her “Yabecchi” cross a line. Is this Gal getting...

Gal Gohan (Manga) Vol. 6


A SECOND HELPING OF SUMMERIt’s the second summer of high school for Okazaki Miku, the school’s number one Gal! Between Cooking Club camp and a night at the school, a...

Gal Gohan (Manga) Vol. 7


DOUBLE TROUBLEWhat will Yabe Shinji do when the school president and a Gal both propose to him at the school festival beauty contest? A secret sleepover and a school trip...

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