Gangsta: Cursed.

Gangsta: Cursed. (Manga) Vol. 1


Killing is all Spas has ever known, and he does it without doubt or remorse. Taught to believe he’s ridding the world of monsters, he sees the extermination of the...

Gangsta: Cursed. (Manga) Vol. 2


Ever since he was a young child, Spas has been indoctrinated to believe that eliminating all Twilights is the only way to guarantee the safety of the Normal population. But...

Gangsta: Cursed. (Manga) Vol. 3


After making the fateful decision to defy his fellow Hunters and save a young girl’s life, Spas finds himself caught between the worlds of the Normals and the Twilights. Branded...

Gangsta: Cursed. (Manga) Vol. 4


No longer able to ignore what his consicence is telling him, Spas finally tracks down Maverick and confronts her. With time running out and deaths piling up, can he convince...

Gangsta: Cursed. (Manga) Vol. 5


Spas has lost the sense of justice that gave his life meaning. Striker still lives only for the thrill of the hunt. The rift between their moral stances forces Spas...

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