Harukana Receive

Harukana Receive (Manga) Vol. 1


An exciting spin on the world of beach volleyball--now with an anime! When high schooler Haruka moves to Okinawa, she finds herself enamored with the beach right outside her front...

Harukana Receive (Manga) Vol. 2


TAKING ON THE WORLD ONE BEACH VOLLEYBALL MATCH AT A TIME! Since moving to Okinawa, Haruka has gotten sucked into the world of beach volleyball and even formed a team...

Harukana Receive (Manga) Vol. 3


OLD FRIENDS, FIERCE RIVALS Kanata and Narumi used to be not only best buds but also teammates, working together to go from beach volleyball newbies to champions. But now the...

Harukana Receive (Manga) Vol. 4


FIGHT TO THE FINISH! After intensive training, Team Harukana is ready to compete in the Okinawa regional qualifiers! But it turns out that only one team will be allowed to...

Harukana Receive (Manga) Vol. 5


FRIENDS AND FOES! Haruka and Kanata face off against their close friends Claire and Emily in the final match of the Okinawa regional qualifiers. Though the girls are going all...

Harukana Receive (Manga) Vol. 6


RAISING THE STAKES! As Haruka and Kanata prepare for the national championships, they’re offered a chance to play an early match against the reigning champs, team Naruaya! But just how...

Harukana Receive (Manga) Vol. 7


CHANGING THINGS UP! In order to grow as beach volleyball players, Haruka and Kanata decide to participate in a local tournament—with different partners! Haruka teams up with Emily, while Kanata...

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