Love and Heart

Love and Heart (Manga) Vol. 1


After a messy breakup, college freshman Yoh Yagisawa returns home only to find she has an unexpected male roommate! Introducing himself as her old childhood friend who moved abroad, handsome...

Love and Heart (Manga) Vol. 2


Having eased her doubts a about Haruma, Yoh starts to relax around him, not realizing that he was actually behind the stalker incident. But when Yoh begins to assist the...

Love and Heart (Manga) Vol. 3


In the aftermath of the incident with the Students’ Union, Yoh and Haruma quickly grow close. But even as that happens, they have a chance reunion with a former classmate,...

Love and Heart (Manga) Vol. 4


After being confessed to by both Haruma and Touya, Yoh’s heart is in turmoil. Meanwhile, Wakana, showing her true colors, reveals her plan to trap Yoh…? In an amusement park...

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