Lust Geass

Lust Geass (Manga) Vol. 1


Souta Takatsuki and his neighbor Rikka Amanome have been like brother and sister since they were kids, but his feelings for her run much deeper. With her birthday coming up,...

Lust Geass (Manga) Vol. 2


Souta and Rikka are officially going out now, and their relationship remains as steamy as ever due to Zepar's curse of lust. But things heat up even more when Rikka's...

Lust Geass (Manga) Vol. 3


After Makoto's confession, Souta is left in a three-way relationship with her and Rikka. But the next to fall victim to Zepar's curse is their homeroom teacher, Tateaki-sensei! Can Souta...

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