Mint Chocolate

Mint Chocolate (Manga) Vol. 1


It’s an absolute secret—our relationship!When Nanami finally gets a chance to meet her mom’s new husband and his son, the last person she expects to see is one of her...

Mint Chocolate (Manga) Vol. 2


After all this time — you can’t say it first!​Despite the almost-kiss incident, the sleeping-on-Nanami-at-lunch incident, and the waking-up-in-the-same-bed incident, Nanami still has no idea if Kyouhei has a thing...

Mint Chocolate (Manga) Vol. 3


I haven’t been myself since the moment I fell for you…!​A Christmas confession leaves Nanami and Kyouhei at…well, Nanami’s not quite sure. After all, Kyouhei kind of admitted that he...

Mint Chocolate (Manga) Vol. 4


When rumors start floating around about Nanami and Kyouhei’s relationship status-as full-blooded siblings-the new couple has to do everything they can to keep their romance a secret!! But will the...

Mint Chocolate (Manga) Vol. 5


She’s a mean one—Auntie Takako. She shows up at Nanami’s house, says rude things to her, and accuses her of doing stuff with Kyouhei that she hasn’t even done (yet)!...

Mint Chocolate (Manga) Vol. 6


Peace has returned to the Suzumura family after the departure of Nanami’s cousin, Subaru...or so it seems. The reality, however, is that even though Nanami and Kyouhei are acting the part...

Mint Chocolate (Manga) Vol. 7


Nanami and Suzumura are off to their school trip! And what better way to get closer together than to share secrets? While hanging out in Okinawa, Kyou’s best friend Mizuki...

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