Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel) Vol. 1


MONSTER GIRLS FIND THIS DOCTOR’S TOUCH IRRESISTIBLE… DON’T MISS THE NEW ANIME!Along with his lamia assistant Sapphee, Dr. Glenn runs a medical clinic in the town of Lindworm where monsters...

Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel) Vol. 2


A MONSTER A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AT PLAY!Wherever the monster girl doctor goes, monster girls will soon follow! Glenn and Sapphee, along with Tisalia and her attendants, head to...

Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel) Vol. 3


DRAGON GIRL ON DEATH’S DOORSudden tragedy strikes Lindworm as the town’s beloved city council representative, Skadi, falls deathly ill. Assembling a team that consists of their old teacher Dr. Cthulhy,...

Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel) Vol. 4


DOUBLE TROUBLEAs the primary doctor for Lindworm’s monster population, Glenn Litbeit has seen his share of bizarre cases. But nothing can prepare him for the rumors of doppelgangers suddenly plaguing...

Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel) Vol. 5


NO REST FOR THE MONSTROUSThe threat of infectious disease in Lindworm’s red-light district triggers a hunt for patient zero—at the same time that a mysterious sleeping sickness shuts the city...

Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel) Vol. 6


THE BACHELORThere’s a rumor going around Lindworm that Dr. Glenn is looking for a wife! Can it be true? Either way, the good doctor is suddenly flooded with more seduction...

Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel) Vol. 7


MONSTERS BEWARE, YOU’RE IN FOR A SCARE!With polygamy now legal and three brand-new monster fiancées to boot, Dr. Glenn has never been busier as Lindworm heads into fall. Molly Vanitas...

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