My Androgynous Boyfriend

My Androgynous Boyfriend (Manga) Vol. 1


His makeup is flawless! The daily ins-and-outs of an office lady and her beautiful boyfriend.Wako and her androgynous boyfriend don’t exactly have the most traditional of relationships. She spends her...

My Androgynous Boyfriend (Manga) Vol. 2


WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED…!Meguru might be impossibly cute, but he’s not the only androgynous model around! Enter Sasame, another beautiful boy at Meguru’s talent agency. The world is in for...

My Androgynous Boyfriend (Manga) Vol. 3


(ANDROGYNOUS) BOYS' NIGHT! It’s time for a sleepover! And not just any sleepover—it’s a sleepover at Kira’s gorgeous house. With super fancy food on the menu, luxurious skin care, and...

My Androgynous Boyfriend (Manga) Vol. 4


No synopsis yet. Series Information Learn more about the series. Hover the bolded text for more information. Story and Art by Tamekou Series Page My Androgynous Boyfriend Romaji Title Genderless Danshi...

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