Nichijou 15th Anniversary Box Set


First serialized in 2006, Keiichi Arawi's nichijou went on to become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. This fall, we'll celebrate the series with a 15th Anniversary Box Set with all ten of the...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 1


In this just-surreal-enough take on the “school genre” of manga, a group of friends (which includes a robot built by a child professor) grapple with all sorts of unexpected situations...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 2


Less than ordinary  Yuuko tries a string of puns that goes very far off the rails. Misato pulls out the big guns when dealing with the maddeningly level-headed Sasahara. The...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 3


Extra ordinaryThe Professor gets everyone stuck in a sticky situation. Mio goes to extraordinary lengths to protect her passionate pet project. Unexpected feelings for another teacher have taken root in...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 4


The denizens of the fey kingdom must placate their princess. Mio invents an explosive athletic move. A newly-opened cafe bedevils Yuuko. Yuuko seizes a chance to send Mio’s already-active imagination...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 5


mio enlists her friends to help her meet a major manga deadline. mr. takasaki makes a deal with the devil to get closer to his crush. sakamoto’s scarf is repurposed...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 6


standard surrealitymio finally has her dream come true. ms. nakamura ends up in a nightmare situation after discovering the shinonome laboratory. the princess goes on a rampage to recover the...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 7


common phenomenamio makes an abrupt confession. mihoshi tries to help her sister misato confess her feelings to her crush. mai keeps pulling the rug on yuuko with her deceptive sense...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 8


mundane madnessa u.f.o. causes yuuko’s lunch to come out her nose. ms. nakamura tries an adorable new ploy. mihoshi’s big plan backfires. mai successfully dodges a trap. hypnosis doesn’t work,...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 9


humdrum conundrumsyukko has a depressing doppelganger. tanaka has a secret weapon. mai becomes engrossed in a new best-seller. mio squares off with a strange new vending machine, and a near-death...

Nichijou (Manga) Vol. 10


que será surrealitya game of musical chairs takes a sharp turn. nano pulls out all the stops in a battle against a fry thief. a bizarre body-swap situation occurs in...

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