Rose of the Versailles

Rose of the Versailles (Manga) Vol. 1


Oscar François de Jarjeyes is a young noblewoman raised as a son by her father. As commander of Marie Antoinette's palace guard, Oscar is brought face-to-face with the luxury of...

Rose of the Versailles (Manga) Vol. 2


Oscar François de Jarjeyes, female commander of the royal guard, is at the center of events as Marie Antoinette’s involvement in the scandalous Affair of the Diamond Necklace and her...

Rose of the Versailles (Manga) Vol. 3


War is brewing. Oscar François de Jarjeyes has never conformed to the image of an ideal French noblewoman. While the people of Paris are being bankrupted by the nobles’ extravagant...

Rose of the Versailles (Manga) Vol. 4


France spirals towards a civil war, as nobles continue to ignore the people of France. Noblewoman Oscar François de Jarjayes is forced to reconsider her life as a soldier and...

Rose of the Versailles (Manga) Vol. 5


Oscar François de Jarjayes is the commander of the French Royal Guards, but even this fearless noblewoman may have met her match. Enter Loulou de la Laurencie, Oscar’s mischievous young...

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