Tearmoon Empire

As the flames of revolution scour the Tearmoon Empire, its ever-selfish princess, Mia Luna Tearmoon, meets her doom by way of public beheading...only to wake up in the past as her twelve-year-old self! It’s time to shape up, recruit some allies, and exploit her knowledge of the future to save her empire! Is she up to the task?

Adaptation guide: Novel-based — Season 1 (Vol. 1 to --)

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Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 01


Surrounded by the hate-filled gazes of her people, the selfish princess of the fallen Tearmoon Empire, Mia, takes one last look at the bleeding sun before the guillotine blade falls......

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 02


It's the summer holidays, and Mia's on a roll. Ever since the spoiled princess of Tearmoon leapt through time and restarted life as a twelve-year-old, everything has been going her...

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 03


Half a year has passed since the Remno revolution ended. Spring has rolled around again, bringing with it one of Mia's favorite occasions—spring break. Freed from the duties of school...

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 04


Mia just can’t catch a break! She ran for student president, won, and bent the arc of history away from the calamitous developments Bel foretold. You’d think saving the future...

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 05


Mia’s summer cruise has turned into a full-blown adventure! Stranded on a deserted island sans boat and supplies, she and her friends need to figure out how to survive. Well,...

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 06


Mia has a problem. It’s not defeating Ruby at the Horsemanship Tournament. She enjoyed that. Nor is it winning the allegiance of the Redmoons and gaining access to their military...

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 07


You’d think surviving an assassination attempt would entitle Mia Luna Tearmoon to some rest and recreation—but in comes her old friend the great famine! Forkroad and Co.’s business has completely collapsed,...

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 08


Mia reclines and flips open the Princess Chronicles, wondering what new developments it has in store, when her eyes leap to a certain line: “Sion Sol Sunkland perished in his...

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 09


Crown Prince Sion is prophesied to be fatally poisoned by his younger brother, Echard. Donning a precious keepsake dress made by her mother, ex-selfish-princess Mia throws open the doors to the...

Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) Vol. 10


Just how many lives has Mia saved in Sunkland?  Well, there’s Sion, King Abram, and even Echard... In other words, practically the entire royal family. Go Mia! But now her...

Tearmoon Empire (Manga) Vol. 01


As the flames of revolution scour the Tearmoon Empire, its ever-selfish princess, Mia Luna Tearmoon, meets her doom by way of public beheading...only to wake up in the past as her...

Tearmoon Empire (Manga) Vol. 02


What could be harder than saving an empire from oncoming calamities and escaping the looming threat of a bloodthirsty revolution? Doing all that while keeping up with your social life at...

Tearmoon Empire (Manga) Vol. 03


With the school dance finished (and with only a moderate number of injuries and kidnappings having occurred over the course of it), Mia’s stay at Saint-Noel Academy has finally begun in...

Tearmoon Empire (Manga) Vol. 04


Bare your blades, students of Saint-Noel! The biannual swordsmanship tournament has arrived, and the competition is as fierce as the stakes are high! Can Prince Abel prevail in a battle of...

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