The Elder Sister-Like One

The Elder Sister-Like One (Manga) Vol. 1


Yuu has had a rough life. After losing his parents in a car accident when he was five, he found himself bounced back and forth among relatives, with no place...

The Elder Sister-Like One (Manga) Vol. 2


Yuu is now living with his new big sister-an inhuman being he encountered in his uncle's basement! It's the middle of summer, and the two of them are enjoying their...

The Elder Sister-Like One (Manga) Vol. 3


Yuu's pleasant life with his big sister continues, and slowly but surely, their bond is deepening. She's always there for him, whether they're at home, at the hospital, or...in the...

The Elder Sister-Like One (Manga) Vol. 4


Haru has been taken captive by Chiyo, and her only hope of escape lies with Yuu and his desperate pleas on her behalf! His persistence pays off, as Chiyo eventually...

The Elder Sister-Like One (Manga) Vol. 5


Haru is a beloved mainstay of the local shopping district, a second “big sister” to Yuu, and a friendly (?) acquaintance for Chiyo. But what relation does she have to...

The Elder Sister-Like One (Manga) Vol. 6


Even after Chiyo tells Ryou that she can’t bring back the dead, Ryou finds himself unable to abandon his true desires. He sets out once more to learn what exactly...

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