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Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 1


Mash just wants to live in peace with his father in the forest. But the only way he’ll ever be accepted in the magic realm is by attending magic school and becoming a Divine Visionary—an...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 10


The Trimagicathalon—the event that will determine Mash’s destiny—has finally begun! Easton and Walkis have sent their best into a spooky manor full of scary spells and unimaginable curses. Enemies and allies alike find...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 11


With Lévis defeated, Mash must face his toughest opponent yet—his brother Domina, wielder of water magic. Desperate for approval, Domina aims to claim the Wand of Beginnings for his father,...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 2


In the midst of a battle with a chosen magic user graced with two marks, Mash makes a shocking discovery about his opponent. Then, more trouble is on the way when...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 3


Lang’s vicious hunt for coins is in full swing! To stop them from monopolizing the chance to earn a Divine Visionary position, Mash teams up with his Adler compatriots. Afterwards,...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 4


After getting separated, Mash and the gang face off against individual members of the Magia Lupus, the group of Lang dorm baddies who have been stealing magic power from other...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 5


Mash and the gang are in a celebratory mood after defeating the Magia Lupus, but it isn’t long before the mysterious criminal organization Innocent Zero comes to threaten the peace!...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 6


Mash is enjoying a long-awaited visit home with his friends, unaware that a dangerous agent has been sent to stop him from participating in the Divine Visionary selection exam. Luckily,...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 7


Mash manages to crack the goddess statue and overcome master-cane user Carpaccio. Now Mash must triumph over his next opponent, Margarette Macaron, wielder of sound magic and the favorite to become this...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 8


Innocent Zero arrives to claim Mash! While Wahlberg faces down the villain, Mash and the others fight Innocent Zero's cronies in a race to help their headmaster. But they encounter...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Manga) Vol. 9


Mash has narrowly avoided Innocent Zero’s attack, but more danger is soon to come as Mash faces his most loathsome foe yet—the end-of-semester test! Will his friends be able to...

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