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Mieruko-chan (Manga) Vol. 1


A normal girl was living a normal life-until she wasn't.One day, she could see...everything. What's a girl to do when hideous monsters appear no matter which way she turns?And on...

Mieruko-chan (Manga) Vol. 2


Salt, useless. Prayer beads, no dice.Disinfectant—mildly effective.Miko’s fruitless attempts at warding off horrific spirits leave her with one option...keep pretending these grotesque specters don’t exist.But Miko hasn’t given up yet!...

Mieruko-chan (Manga) Vol. 3


She hasn’t given up yet! One day, Miko will be free from the ghosts! But first, she has to survive her encounters with her new substitute teacher who’s got some...

Mieruko-chan (Manga) Vol. 4


Thrice. Three times. Those creepy shrine maidens saved Miko from three encounters with murderous ghosts... but what happens now? Well, Miko’s about to find out! In an effort to thank...

Mieruko-chan (Manga) Vol. 5


After her trip to the magical shrine in another world, Miko and friends must survive river spirits, haunted houses, and...home ec? Series Information Learn more about the series. Hover the bolded...

Mieruko-chan (Manga) Vol. 6


Although Miko’s been trying her hardest to ignore all the creepy ghost things around her, now that Hana may be involved, she can’t pretend anymore. So with the help of...

Mieruko-Chan (Manga) Vol. 7


They went to the shrine. They confronted the creepy shrine maidens...but then everything that could go wrong did. Turns out, Mitsue’s teacher is one of the shrine maidens! And so,...

Mieruko-chan Anthology Comic (Manga)


The creepy, the crawly, the grotesque―the daily lives of Miko and friends when ghostly monsters lurk around every corner! The official comic anthology, brought to you by a variety of...

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