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Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 01


Invincible Under the SunAt seventeen years of age, Miyamoto Musashi--still known by his childhood name, Shinmen Takezō--was a wild young brute just setting out along the way of the sword.In...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 02


EnlightenmentMusashi sets out for Nara intent on challenging the warrior monks of legendary Hozoin Temple. But Musashi's growing feelings for his childhood friend Otsu; may prove to be a fatal...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 03


Musashi suffers a humiliating defeat against Inshun, the second-generation master of Hōzōin Temple. To prepare for a rematch, Musashi undertakes an intense spiritual and physical training regimen with a most...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 04


Musashi endeavors to take on sword master Yagyū Sekishūsai, a man recognized by many to be the greatest swordsman of his time. But with Sekishūsai far past his prime, does...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 05


Glimmering WavesIn a remote seaside village, an abandoned infant is left to the care of a reclusive old man who has all but renounced the ways of the world. This...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 06


Sasaki Kojirō is the man destined to become Miyamoto Musashi's greatest rival and opponent in the most well-known duel in the annals of Japanese history. As a deaf-mute young man...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 07


The Distant OceanIn the aftermath of the bloody Battle of Sekigahara, Sasaki Kojirō, the man destined to be Musashi's opponent in the most famous duel in Japanese history, finds himself...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 08


ConfrontationMusashi has returned to Kyoto one year after he last attempted to take on the mighty Yoshioka School, and the entire city is abuzz anticipating the rematch to come. When...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 09


It's been one year since Yoshioka Denshichiro granted Musashi a reprieve for a rematch. Denshichiro may have been a better swordsman back then, but with Musashi before him now, he...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 10


To Live by the SwordWhat does a man do after he accomplishes the impossible and lives to survive? Musashi is at what is quite possibly the greatest crossroads of his...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 11


Sword DemonAfter single-handedly defeating seventy bloodthirsty men from the Yoshioka clan, Musashi is at the greatest crossroads of his life—will he head toward the light and live a life among...

Vagabond (VIZBIG Edition) (Manga) Vol. 12


Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro’s intertwining paths lead them toward what will be the greatest samurai duel in Japanese history. Sasaki Kojiro heads to Kokura for his new position as...

Vagabond Definitive Edition Omnibus 01 (Manga) (Vol. 1-3)


This large-trim definitive edition with gorgeous textured design collects three volumes of the phenomenal samurai story by manga legend Takehiko Inoue!Striving for enlightenment by way of the sword, Miyamoto Musashi...

Vagabond Definitive Edition Omnibus 02 (Manga) (Vol. 4-6)


A definitive edition collecting three volumes of the phenomenal samurai story by Takehiko Inoue with a large trim and gorgeous binding!Striving for enlightenment by way of the sword, Miyamoto Musashi...

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