Witch Hat Atelier

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 1


A TOUCH OF MAGIC In a world where everyone takes wonders like magic spells and dragons for granted, Coco is a girl with a simple dream: She wants to be...

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 2


TRIAL BY FIRE Join Coco as she continues her spellbinding journey of magic and discovery! After traveling to the mystical township of Kalhn with her new master to buy a...

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 3


AN INKY INVESTIGATION Cast yourself into the world of witches as Qifrey chases after the dark mysteries of the Brimmed Caps! With some quick thinking and ingenuity, Coco and her...

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 4


TWISTED PATHS Can Coco and her friends pass their most harrowing test yet? Or will the nefarious Brimmed Caps end their journey towards witch-hood?! Now that Coco has been fully...

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 5


BELLY OF THE BEAST Peril abounds as the witches of Qifrey’s atelier continue their trials! In the depths of the Serpentback Cave, a brimmed cap casts its murky shadow upon...

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 6


FOLLOW THE SMOKE Coco and her peers follow Olruggio and Luluci as they deftly ferry a wounded Qifrey to the underwater Great Hall where witches gather. To their surprise, Beldaruit...

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 7


THE PRICE OF KNOWLEDGE As the new trial comes to an end, one of Coco’s rewards from Beldaruit the Wise is the story of Qifrey’s past and how he came...

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 8


CHAINS OF FATE After finding success together in their second trials, Coco and her friends return to the warmth of the atelier. Before long, they are approached by Tartah from...

Witch Hat Atelier (Manga) Vol. 9


THE PRICE OF KNOWLEDGEAs the new trial comes to an end, one of Coco's rewards from Beldaruit the Wise is the story of Qifrey's past and how he came to...

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