Site FAQ

Questions about the store

Is there a site map?

Yes, easily navigate the site here.

Are the books brand new?

Yes. No second-hand item is sold but there are "damaged" books sold at a cheaper price.

What are "damaged" books?

Printers and warehouses are not perfect. Once a book reaches to us, we want to sell it regardless of how damaged it may be. These books are labeled as "damaged" and will show on the image and description tab what kind of damage it has. Since it is not at their best condition, these are priced lower.

Do you sell Japanese manga? Korean manhwa?

At the moment all of our books are the official English translated ones. We have plans on officially distributing foreign manga/manhwa/manhua but for now, all are in English.

How do I look for a book?

You may look directly at our catalog containing all products by going into the Catalog menu. You may also look for a specific title on the search bar, or input an ISBN, genre, imprint, author, romanized or Japanese title, and so on. You may also look up based on the book's translators and letterers.

Can I look for all books by an author?

Yes. Just input the author's name [First name, Last name] correctly on the search box or click on the author's name on a book's description tab.

Can I look for books from a publisher?

Most definitely! See our publisher list here or filter your search on a product list page. You may also input a publisher and/or imprint on the search box.

Can I look for all books of a series?

Yes. Just input the series title on the search box or click on the series link on a book's description tab.

Can I know the prequel/sequel of a series?

Yes. We provide that information on the book's description tab.

Can I know if the series is complete?

Yes. That information, including the number of volumes printed for the series, is included in the book's description tab. You may also filter on the product list page all completed books. We recommend using the List View than Grid View for searching on short completed series.

Can I know if the series has an anime?

Yes! That is one of the site's main features. Anime information is located on the product's description tab with a database link to MyAnimeList and AniList. (These are manually added so 

What does Backlisted/Coming soon/Out-of-Print mean?

That is further explained on the how to order page here.

When do promotional events occur?

We announce soon and current events on the site's front page, blog, and social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Is there a rewards/referral/membership program?

Yes and it's free! Learn more about it here.

Do you offer price-matching to other bookstores?

No. We are confident on our price and had other bookstore's price as the standard. But, if you find a book more expensive than the converted list price (the USD price printed at the back of the book, rounded to the nearest dollar, and converted to our flat rate of P48), let us know!

Collections page

These are featured product lists that filters by publisher or specific featured titles. See the collections page here.

I can't seem to find the title that I'm looking for

We do not have everything yet as the site is regularly adding items. If there's anything you want but are not yet posted, let us know.

Is there a wishlist function?

Not yet. That is part of our future plans should we have garnered more customers. :)

I found a typo/error somewhere

All prices are checked. But if it's on the product description, blog, or page, we appreciate you correcting us for that. Please let us know.

I have a question

Try looking up for it on the search box and related pages and blog posts may show up with an answer for it. If none, head over to our contact page if you are not reachable through Facebook Messenger located at the bottom-right of the site.

I have a suggestion for the site

We are all ears! Let us know on the contact page and we may consider adding it if we can.

Ordering FAQ

How can I order?

We have a handy guide for first-time buyers here.

Can I place multiple quantities?

Our maximum quantity is three per book. Anything more than three may be subject for commercial resale and we discourage that due to our contract with the publishers. If for a giveaway or non-profit, please contact us.

What are product bundles?

These are easy add-to-cart of bundle promos of a series. Buying in bundles save time and money as these are discounted. These bundles are found on select product pages below the Add to Cart button.

Can I buy the "damaged" books?

Yes, especially if you are not picky. Before adding the item to your cart, you will need to acknowledge first that you are ordering a damaged item to make sure that you are not to complain on receiving a book with defects.

Can I add to cart an item and checkout later?

Absolutely, however, items on your cart are not reserved to you and if it's only one stock and you checked it out too late, it might be bought by another customer ahead of you.

May I order without signing up?

Yes! However, you may not track it on the site and your emails are your only reference. We encourage signing up beforehand or during checkout so your shipping information will be saved for your ease, redeem points, and receive newsletters.

Will I receive an email after ordering?

Yup, immediately. You will also receive an email once we shipped it along with the tracking number. For installment, as well as backlisted and coming soon orders, you will also receive an email for more information about those. If no emails were received within 24 hours after the order is placed, please let us know.

Is our information secure?

Yes, we highly value trust and security. If paid online, your payment information does not go through us but to the payment gateways and is secure. If paid offline, your receipts will stay at our email and will not be posted or used elsewhere other than its intended purpose (shipping/billing).

Collaboration FAQ

What is "sponsorship"?

We reach out to our trusted content creators and influencers to give an unbiased review of our service by providing them a bundle of our products.

How can I apply for "sponsorship"?

At the moment we reach out to those we think can help boost our sales. If you have an audience that we can cater, let us know on the contact page.

May I collaborate with you?

As long as we have the same vision, we are open to many possibilities

Who do you currently collaborate with?

Our one-book shipping envelopes are handmade by @sunshinepapersandprints while our postcards are drawn by @xxx.

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