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Kekkaishi (Manga) Vol. 13

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Release Date: May 20, 2008

View more volumes of KekkaishiISBN: 9781421516899N/A

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The fate of the dreaded Kokuboro ayakashi lies in Yoshimori's hands as he and his allies fight to get out of Kokuboro Castle alive! By comparison, his formerly hair-raising nightly patrols of the Karasumori Site seem like a walk in the park. But if he survives and returns home as the conquering hero, does an even greater evil lie in wait...?

Series Information
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Story and Art by Yellow Tanabe
Series Page Kekkaishi
Romaji Title Kekkaishi
Japanese Title 結界師
Prequel Series N/A
Reading Order

This is the 13th volume. Read volume 1 - 12 first.

Status Completed

Action, AdventureComedy, DramaSchool Life, Supernatural

Demographic Shounen
Japanese Publisher Shogakukan
Series Links MangaUpdates, MyAnimeList
Product Description
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Volume Single, 13
Chapters Included 116: Difference - ズレ, "Zure" (Episode 51)
117: Advice - 忠告, "Chūkoku" (Episode 51)
118: True Power - 真の力, "Shin no Chikara" (Episode 51)
119: Escape - 脱出, "Dasshutsu" (Episode 52)
120: Way Back - 帰路, "Kiro" (Episode 52)
121: Slap - ビンタ, "Binta" (Episode 52)
(End of Anime)
122: A Visitor - 来訪者, "Raihōsha"
123: Kiyoko - キヨコ, "Kiyoko"
124: A Stake - 釘, "Kugi"
125: Master and Disciple - 師匠と弟子, "Shishō to Deshi
Release Date
May 20, 2008
Trade Paperback
Trim Size 5.00" x 7.50"
Book Price $9.99
Age Rating Teen
English Publisher
VIZ Media
Imprint Shounen Sunday
Book Staff
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Translation Tetsuichiro Miyaki (vols. 33, 35)
Yuko Sawada (vols. 1-32, 34)
Stephen Dutro
Touch-up Art Stephen Dutro
Cover Design Amy Martin (vols. 1-9)
Izumi Evers (vols. 10-12, 14-17)
Julie Behn (vols. 13, 17-28)
Ronnie Casson (vols. 26-35)
Interior Design/Layout Andy Nakatani (vols. 4-6)
Annette Roman (vol. 9, 13) (vols. 7-16, 18-35)
Eric Searleman (vols. 2-3)
Ian Robertson (vols. 17-18)
Megan Bates (vols. 1-2)
Editing Andy Nakatani (vols. 4-6)
Annette Roman (vol. 9, 13) (vols. 7-16, 18-35)
Eric Searleman (vols. 2-3)
Ian Robertson (vols. 17-18)
Megan Bates (vols. 1-2)
This series has an anime adaptation!
Romaji Title
Japanese Title 結界師
Format TV Anime
Episodes Covered 116: Difference - ズレ, "Zure" (Episode 51)
117: Advice - 忠告, "Chūkoku" (Episode 51)
118: True Power - 真の力, "Shin no Chikara" (Episode 51)
119: Escape - 脱出, "Dasshutsu" (Episode 52)
120: Way Back - 帰路, "Kiro" (Episode 52)
121: Slap - ビンタ, "Binta" (Episode 52)
(End of Anime)
Aired Fall 2006
Studio Sunrise
Links MyAnimeList, Anilist

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