Alice & Zoroku

Alice & Zoroku (Manga) Vol. 1


A group of young girls possesses a mysterious power known as “Alice’s Dream,” which gives them the ability to turn their thoughts into reality. Detained and experimented upon, these youths...

Alice & Zoroku (Manga) Vol. 2


Sana may have psychic powers, but she has a lot to learn about everyday reality! Luckily, she’s got a stubborn old man named Zoroku at her side to help her...

Alice & Zoroku (Manga) Vol. 3


It has been almost six months since Sana was captured. Though she is getting used to life with Zoroku and Sanae, trying to be a normal little girl is proving...

Alice & Zoroku (Manga) Vol. 4


Sana’s looking forward to hanging out with her friends, but before the fun can begin, the world turns strange and scary. Not only are the people around her acting creepy,...

Alice & Zoroku (Manga) Vol. 5


Sana has the power to make anything she imagines a reality, but slowly she’s been learning how to keep that power in check. Maybe that’s why it ticks her off...

Alice & Zoroku (Manga) Vol. 6


Japan has been rocked by the revelation that powerful psychic children exist. While everyone else is trying to come to terms with the news, Sana is more concerned about starting...

Alice & Zoroku (Manga) Vol. 7


When Sana returns to check on Wonderland, she’s surprised to find someone else living there. King is a near exact copy of Sana, except the mysterious boy has even more...

Alice & Zoroku (Manga) Vol. 8


Long before Sana became a member of Zoroku’s family, he had a wife named Chloe. Chloe was a mysterious woman who had powers very similar to Sana’s. When a strange...

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