Baccano! (Light Novel) Vol. 22


The casino party has finally started, and the first day has ended peacefully enough. But there are many fates still to be decided: Melvi, the dealer working with the Runoratas...

Baccano! (Light Novel) Vol. 21


The casino party is finally underway, and everyone involved in the Flying Pussycat and Mist Wall incidents has gathered at the new Ra’s Lance hotel. Is there a shadowy figure...

Baccano! (Light Novel) Vol. 20


As the Flying Pussyfoot races toward New York City with a shocking incident on board, a brand-new ruckus plays out in the background. In a riverside forest at the break...

Baccano! (Light Novel) Vol. 19


THE YEAR 1935. Following Huey Laforet’s escape from prison, New York City has been plunged into turmoil— especially at Firo’s casino. Things took a turn for the unexpected when a...

Baccano! (Light Novel) Vol. 18


THE YEAR 1935.​Huey Laforet has broken out of prison, and New York is in chaos. The whirlwind of confusion swallows all the major players in the city, from the FBI...

Baccano! (Light Novel) Vol. 17


THE YEAR 1711.The momentous voyage of the Advena Avis to the New World is approaching, and each passenger is boarding for their own reasons. Whether it’s the winds of determination,...

Baccano! (Light Novel) Vol. 16


THE YEAR 1932.​Rumor tells of a murderer who sent fear throughout New York City one stormy summer—Icepick Thomp­son, who strikes only on rainy days and stabs his targets relentlessly. As...

Baccano! (Light Novel) Vol. 15


THE YEAR 1707 was the start of it all, when Maiza introduced playwright Jean-Pierre to an alchemist named Fermet who, in turn, introduced Maiza to the studyof alchemy. Two years...

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