Chio's School Road

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 1


For Chio Miyamo, just making it to school is a miracle! From construction to biker gangs and the sudden call of nature, all kinds of troubles both big and small...

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 2


Running a marathon with an overweight man, getting backed into a wall by a delinquent, playing an explosive game of Kabaddi, smoking like in a Joh* Woo movie, delivering newspapers...it's...

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 3


Gamer girl Chio's commute takes another turn for the extreme thanks to her bad personal habits, the appearance of an upperclassman from the school Kabaddi Club, and the tasteless team...

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 4


All roads lead to the school.Though high-school gamer Chio's daily commute is full of shameless friends and bad decision, romance has never been a part of the insanity...until now! Ex-biker...

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 5


All roads lead to the school.A mysterious elementary schooler confronts Chio on her morning commute and challenges her...to a butt battle? And win or lose, nothing can prepare Chio for...

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 6


Come now... You weren't thinking of using that shitty game to conform, were you?Chio and Manana's friendship is on the rocks, and Momo-senpai's love life hits the skids. Even Bloody...

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 7


Nobody knows how to stay busy in the morning quite like Chio. Whether she's deciding what to do with a lost wallet stuffed with cash, developing her psychic abilities, or...

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 8


Chio's daily commute is as stuffed with (mis)adventure as ever! One day she's antagonizing a police officer or getting closer to Andou (despite Manana's best efforts); the next she's live-streaming...

Chio's School Road (Manga) Vol. 9


Chio continues to live out her (relatively) peaceful, below-average high-school life-buying underwear with her friends, testing the limits of her friendship with Manana, entering a no-holds-barred sumo tournament-but a day...

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