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These titles are yet to be published in English. You may pre-order these ahead of time and just wait for it to arrive when it's released. Easy breezy~

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard (Light Novel) Vol. 4


THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING JEWELERRichard suddenly closes Jewelry Étranger and vanishes, leaving Seigi stunned and alone. Acting on information from Saul, Seigi makes his way to England in pursuit...

Blood on the Tracks (Manga) Vol. 12


Up on the hill, Seiichi's encounter with Shigeru merges with his own experience of being cast away by his mother, Seiko—and in that moment, he kills Shigeru in order to...

Blood on the Tracks (Manga) Vol. 13


It's been 20 years since his mother told Seiichi that she renounced motherhood, since she thanked him for being a killer, since he tried to strangle her there in the...

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Light Novel) Vol. 7


The fantasy series about exploring a secret labyrinth that inspired the anime--and don't miss the manga adaptation, also available from Seven Seas!Hidden dungeons--legendary places that no one knows how to...

The Haunted Bookstore – Gateway to a Parallel Universe (Light Novel) Vol. 6


“SURE. THE MOMENT I FIND SOMETHING I WANT TO BE, I’LL BE SURE TO COME TO YOU.”Shinonome, a Tsukumogami, runs the spirit realm’s only bookstore with his daughter, Kaori, who...

The Haunted Bookstore – Gateway to a Parallel Universe (Light Novel) Vol. 5


STORY OF THE HEARTKaori and Suimei have finally realized how they feel about each other, but their love will have to wait—the bookstore is in terrible danger. One day, a...

Hinamatsuri (Manga) Vol. 13


The Jadou Association’s hired thugs have been sent running back to Western Japan, and the Oudou’s hierarchy has managed to avoid complete collapse, thanks to the determined efforts of Hina...

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