Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Dragon Goes House-Hunting (Manga) Vol. 1


HOME SWEET HOMELetty is not very good at being a dragon. Actually, he’s so terrible at it that his dad went and kicked him out of the house! What’s a...

Dragon Goes House-Hunting (Manga) Vol. 2


HOME IS WHERE THE HRAESVELGR ISLetty has traveled all over in search of a safe, affordable place to call home: no easy feat when you’re a dragon! Lately, he’s picked...

Dragon Goes House-Hunting (Manga) Vol. 3


A MOST PARTICULAR PRINCESSLetty is probably the weakest dragon in the world, but somehow he’s managed to blunder his way into a fearsome reputation. When he and his elven friend...

Dragon Goes House-Hunting (Manga) Vol. 4


THE DARK LORD OF REAL ESTATEThe red dragon Letty has spent months traveling around with Dearia, a kindly elf with the fearsome title of Demon Lord. But just how did...

Dragon Goes House-Hunting (Manga) Vol. 5


IT’S A BIT OF A FIXER-UPPERAlas, despite many adventures, the red dragon Letty is still homeless. A new chance at finding the home of his dreams appears when he reunites...

Dragon Goes House-Hunting (Manga) Vol. 6


DEFECTIVE BY DESIGNAfter touring of a whole bunch of spectacularly defective houses, it’s obvious that Letty’s new realtor is pretty bad at his job. And a vampire. So is it...

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