Dragon Quest Monsters+

Dragon Quest Monsters+ (Manga) Vol. 1


Monster fans will love this adventure series–a spin-off of the beloved Dragon Quest video games!Kleo dreams of becoming a gallant, monster-slaying hero, and when a twist of fate sees him...

Dragon Quest Monsters+ (Manga) Vol. 2


THROUGH THE TRAVELER’S GATE!Kleo is now a Monster Master: a champion of the throne, empowered to recruit and lead monsters in the fight to save the kingdom of GreatTree! After...

Dragon Quest Monsters+ (Manga) Vol. 3


NEW KID ON THE BLOCKAfter his victory against the evil Dragonlord, Kleo returned to the Kingdom of GreatTree in triumph. But Kleo’s not the only Monster Master in the world,...

Dragon Quest Monsters+ (Manga) Vol. 4


LOST IN A CLOSED-OFF LAND–AND HEART!What fate will befall Kleo and Loran?! Our intrepid adventurers are trapped inside a double-headed tower in an icy land. The bleak coldness is mirrored...

Dragon Quest Monsters+ (Manga) Vol. 5


IT’S FINAL BATTLE TIMEKleo vs. Marumo, Loran vs. Pazuzu…what awaits each of them at the end of their battles to the death? And then your own “story” is added to...

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