Golden Time

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 1


College freshman Tada Banri has a very questionable past. Eager to make a fresh start, Banri enrolls in an elite Tokyo law school and soon befriends fellow freshman Yanagisawa Mitsuo–but...

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 2


OF UNREQUITED LOVE, A PIXIE PRINCESS, AND THE ROBOT DANCETada Banri has forgotten his past, but is eager to start a new life. Yanagisawa Mitsuo, on the other hand, wants...

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 3


FRIENDS WITHOUT BENEFITSTada Banri’s new life is not going as well as he’d hoped. Recently rejected but the fiery Kaga Kouko, Banri isn’t feeling confident about his future–or his past....

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 4


PARTY PEOPLECollege freshman Tada Banri still has no memories of his life before graduating high school while Kaga Kouko still isn’t ready to let go of her first love, Mitsuo....

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 5


LOVES OF FUTURE PASTAfter a series of twists, turns, and breakdowns, the amnesiac Tada Banri and the beautiful but fiery Kaga Kouko have finally begin to date. In fact, they’re...

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 6


TALES AS OLD AS (PART)TIMETada Banri and Kaga Kouko have been enjoying the bliss of their new romance, yet there’s already trouble in paradise. Memories from “Old Banri” are beginning...

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 7


WELCOME TO THE SUMMER OF LOVE!Tada Banri, amnesiac college freshman, and Kaga Kouko, his gorgeous but awkward girlfriend, have been planning their first summer vacation together It’s the perfect romantic...

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 8


A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANEBanri’s resolution to confront his past is about to be put to the test! Linda tells him their high school class is having a reunion, and...

Golden Time (Manga) Vol. 9


FORGET-ME-NOTBanri’s old memories are starting to come back, which means his memories of his current life are going away. Everything he did in college, everyone he met–no matter how hard...

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