Heterogenia Linguistico

Heterogenia Linguistico (Manga) Vol. 1


When his mentor is injured, novice linguist Hakaba is appointed to take over the professor's research in the Netherworld! Though Hakaba has studied the languages of werewolves, lizardpeople, and other...

Heterogenia Linguistico (Manga) Vol. 2


Hakaba’s diverse traveling party, made up of half-werewolf Susuki and lizardfolk siblings Kashuu and Kekuu, welcomes its newest member, the minotaur Moo. Struggling to communicate through a series of wild...

Heterogenia Linguistico (Manga) Vol. 3


With winter weather fast approaching, Hakaba finally arrives in Utatsu to continue his linguistic research. The diverse residents of the town—and their flexible notions of “private property”—provide ample opportunity to...

Heterogenia Linguistico (Manga) Vol. 4


After crossing the treacherous snowy mountain, Hakaba's group finally arrives in the human settlement Utatsu where his professor had visited. As he meets humanoids and joins them in hunting in the...

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