Hinowa ga Crush!

Hinowa ga Crush! (Manga) Vol. 1


On the island of Wakoku, the civil war offers anyone the chance of becoming a hero -- from fishing women to bastard children, any can make a name for themselves...

Hinowa ga Crush! (Manga) Vol. 2


In the midst of her first battle, Hinowa challenges Yomihime, the woman who killed her mother. After a fierce standoff, Hinowa and her friends barely scrape by, and that's only...

Hinowa ga Crush! (Manga) Vol. 3


The unhinged Commander of Tenrou Nation, Kyoukotsu, has laid siege to Shiranui Fortress. Hinowa and friends are on high alert, determined to hold the fortress no matter what comes their...

Hinowa ga Crush! (Manga) Vol. 4


The Tenrou Nation's Ten Stars have gathered, and the territory-hungry nation is keen to advance on Soukai. As armies begin to move, those in Soukai have other concerns-the idolized Princess...

Hinowa ga Crush! (Manga) Vol. 5


Hisame, after climbing in rank to general and then commander, has finally achieved his greatest wish—the hand of his beloved Princess Rinzu. But even as they celebrate in the Soukai...

Hinowa ga Crush! (Manga) Vol. 6


The Soukai Nation is cornered as Nagisa Castle falls, and King Zuou seeks to capture Princess Rinzu and make her his newest wife. Akame, regaining her strength, attempts to turn...

Hinowa Ga Crush! (Manga) Vol. 7


To save the people from war, Hinowa decides to become a King herself. She approaches the wise sage Rugyou to become her strategist only to find he wants to live...

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