Hour of the Zombie

Hour of the Zombie (Manga) Vol. 1


TIME TO KILLLife is good for Nikaidou Akira as he spends his days at school alongside his friends and long-time crush, Kurumi. That is, until the day everything changes. Students...

Hour of the Zombie (Manga) Vol. 3


Fire and rage are rising! Houjou makes a heartless decision, while Akira scrambles to keep the peace. Things heat up when the students trapped inside the gym become zombified—and then...

Hour of the Zombie (Manga) Vol. 4


Zombies are running amok in the gym! Houjou tries to wipe them out, deceiving Igarashi, who trusted him after discovering his girlfriend, Himehana, was among the walking dead. Just as...

Hour of the Zombie (Manga) Vol. 5


THE HEART OF A ZOMBIEAfter the fiery zombie massacre at the gym, the students finally get a chance to catch their breath. But in the calm after the storm, questions...

Hour of the Zombie (Manga) Vol. 6


A TENUOUS PEACEAkira and his classmates have called a truce, yet how long will it last? The humans have zombie blood on their hands and members of the basketball team...

Hour of the Zombie (Manga) Vol. 7


A ZOMBIE’S WILLThe tenuous peace between human and zombie is threatened, and everything looks poised to return to slaughter and death. Umezawa hungers for vengeance. Yet Houjou tells Akira of...

Hour of the Zombie (Manga) Vol. 8


FIRE AND DEATH!All hope for peace seems lost, as a group of human students begins a ruthless purge of their zombified fellows. During the zombies’ cyclical descent into mindlessness, the...

Hour of the Zombie (Manga) Vol. 9


THE FINAL HOURAfter a slaughter of the infected students at the hands of a ruthless gang of humans, war engulfs the school. But Akira stays true to his ideals: he...

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