Kagerou Daze

Kagerou Daze (Light Novel) Vol. 1


Shintaro Kisaragi is about to have a terrible day. After two years of being an unemployed shut-in, Shintaro Kisaragi is forced out of his room and into the wide, uncaring...

Kagerou Daze (Light Novel) Vol. 2


Takane Enomoto has a secret. Her life is pretty weird. She attends high school with only one other student in her class and has a teacher who takes "underachievement" to...

Kagerou Daze (Light Novel) Vol. 3


The past is never really gone. On a certain summer day, a certain boy and girl meet. What is it that lurks behind the strange experience they chance to have?...

Kagerou Daze (Light Novel) Vol. 4


A certain boy and girl meet on a certain endless summer day. They thought they were alone, misunderstood by everyone, but the powers they hold in their eyes lead them...

Kagerou Daze (Light Novel) Vol. 8


It was a certain summer day when they met. It was a day that would go on for a long time...forever. As their enemies stood in their path, members of...

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