Spy Classroom

Spy Classroom (Light Novel) Vol. 1


INTELLIGENCE IS THE MOST DANGEROUS WEAPONFollowing a devastating military conflict, countries fight their wars in the shadows. One unusual spy, Klaus, has never failed on the job despite his quirks,...

Spy Classroom (Light Novel) Vol. 2


In this world war of espionage the greatest of all spies has created an organiztion dedicated to tackling impossible missions, though it remains to be seen why the seven members...

Spy Classroom (Manga) Vol. 1


The golden age of the military has passed, and war is now carried out by spies. Klaus, an agent with a perfect record but a difficult personality, has formed a...

Spy Classroom (Manga) Vol. 2


Under the questionable tutelage of Klaus, the greatest spy in the world, the girls of Lamplight have been steadily honing their skills in preparation for their impending mission. But there’s...

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