Uncle from Another World

Uncle from Another World (Manga) Vol. 1


W E L C O M E T O T H E N E X T W O R L D​Seventeen years ago, Takafumi’s uncle fell into a coma, but...

Uncle from Another World (Manga) Vol. 2


UNCLE DOES WHAT OTHERS DON’T.​Takafumi’s uncle returned from an alternate fantasy world after seventeen years, and now he’s (sort of) getting the hang of the twentyfirst century. From virtual YouTubers...

Uncle from Another World (Manga) Vol. 3


UNCLE’S YOUTHFUL POWER​As Takafumi learns more about his uncle’s old adventures, he can’t help wondering: How did a seventeen-year-old nerd survive those earliest days in the otherworld? Uncle attributes his...

Uncle from Another World (Manga) Vol. 4


Now that Takafumi and Fujimiya have discovered that the adventurer Alicia is actually the chosen hero of her realm, Uncle's story about his time in the otherworld heads toward the...

Uncle from Another World (Manga) Vol. 5


 This fantasy uncle is in the zone! Of the many souls Uncle encountered on the other side, few stand out like the nameless female elf. Every anecdote about them crossing...

Uncle from Another World (Manga) Vol. 6


Alicia has gained a new power and repelled the monsters that attacked the hot springs inn. The uncle tries to unravel her lost past in the open-air bath alone, but...

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