This is not a sponsored post. We just wanted to share this amazing app to everyone!

If you're familiar with anime and manga tracking sites that lets you know your anime watching and manga reading progress such as MyAnimeList, AniList, MangaUpdates, and Kitsu, to name a few, how about a place to check your physical reading progress? Most especially manga? And no, it's not Goodreads.

We've stumbled into this wonderful app during the early stages of Tankobonbon last year and it pushed us further to this vision of making everyone read manga at ease. Enter the Bookshelf app, a free app made by two enthusiastic people who wants to share the pleasure of progressive reading.

How do I use it?

Simple. Just download the app (links at the bottom of this post), register for an account (always free), and search or scan your books! No ifs, no ads, just a simple but useful app.

Since they have a scan function, once you've received your books (say, from us!), just scan it on the app to add it to your virtual bookshelf. Handy, right?

What books can I add?

It actually isn't a manga app, but an overall bookshelf app! Their library spans thousands of books from English or Japanese manga to Spanish novels, cookbooks, textbooks, and eBooks. If you like to pleasure of adding and organizing things to lists, this is perfect for you! Since there's a lot in their library, it might take time to look for the correct book, but don't forget the ISBNs (books' barcodes) are there to save your day.

Can I read on it?

Nope. It's not an eBook reader, but a progress checker, a list, sort of like that.

What else does it do?

  • You can create different shelves if you wish to separate books by genres, demography, publisher, favorites, themes, and more.
  • Basic book details are also available such as the author, publisher, publication date, format, ISBN, number of pages
  • You are also able to edit your progress from the:
    • number of pages you've read
    • when you started and finished reading the book
    • add and edit tags per book
    • add notes per book
    • input if you've lent or borrowed a book
    • where and when you purchased it, as well as the price
    • increase or decrease the number of copies you own
    • check if it's a signed copy
  • Share a book or your shelves to your friends so they can see what you own or what you've read.
  • Create a wishlist.
  • Import from Goodreads.
  • Bookshelf and purchase reports.

The app also features bookstores you can buy your books from but it only shows up Amazon, Book Depository, and Wordery, all of which are international stores. We'd love to be part of it, but we're still a small store on a small part of the world.

Also, don't forget to play around with the app's settings to change the theme from light to dark mode, change the currency, and set the grid view to show covers instead.

Sharing Bookshelves

Whilst an amazing app, they mentioned to us that it is not really a social platform, so no, you can't add friends or visit other people's profiles, but you can check each others' bookshelves once they've shared the links!

If you're interested in sharing each others' Bookshelf links, feel free to:

  • Reply on our Tweet
  • Join our Discord's #bookshelf-sharing channel

Get the App

Download the Bookshelf App on the App Store or Play Store (if not available on the Play Store, you may download the APK instead; thanks to @nayumi_jsl)

This is not a sponsored post. We just wanted to share this amazing app to everyone!